Shield Pests and Weather Away From Your Grow With Guardian Total Protection Bags

Shield Pests and Weather Away From Your Grow With Guardian Total Protection Bags

How are you shielding your plants and trees from pests and harsh weather? Your grow is more susceptible to those things than you may realize. Whether you grow commercially or for your family, protecting your plants can increase your harvest numbers. That’s why Fruit Shield is proud to offer fruit and tree protector bags.

Read on to learn how our Guardian Total Protection Bags can help you.


Different Sizes for All Your Grow

No matter what you’re growing, Fruit Shield has a solution for you. Our netted bags are available in several sizes that are suitable for everything from a single piece of fruit to entire, small fruit trees. And because they’re made of polyethylene mesh, you can protect your trees without interfering with their air and light supply.


Say Goodbye to Insects and Birds

Fruit trees are especially vulnerable to pests such as insects and birds, which is why our tree guard bags are a necessity. Without them, pests will easily snack on your produce before you even get the chance to harvest. But when you cover your trees in Guardian Total Protection Bags, the mesh prevents those pests from reaching your produce.


Get a Little Help at Harvest Time

You can’t always predict when your fruit will ripen for harvest. If you miss any of it, it could fall off and rot or get eaten by a critter. Luckily, Fruit Shield tree protector bags can help. They’ll shield and catch the fruit that ripens early so you can harvest it all!


Protect Your Grow From Mother Nature

Sometimes, even if you do everything right, Mother Nature can still find a way to damage your grow. Depending on where you live, pests may not be the only concern, but harsh weather as well. With our tree guard bags, though, you can trust that your trees are less affected by frost and wind.

Shield your grow from pests and weather to increase your harvest’s bounty! Buy our Guardian Total Protection Bags today.