Protect Your Trees From Damage Done By Storms And Critters

Protect Your Trees From Damage Done By Storms And Critters

Sometimes it’s hard to comprehend that being such a large organism that a tree would need protection, but if proper care and safety are not taken the tree could be damaged. There are great protective tools that can prevent harmful or permanent damage to your trees and their fruit. As you keep reading, Fruit Shield will identify four awesome agricultural supplies that could save your landscape.

Trees covered by tree bags

Tree Bags

To protect your trees you have to consider animals and pests and how they can affect your tree’s well-being. These netted tree bags are wonderful for covering grapes, dates, and citrus fruits and adding extra protection from birds and insects. Offered in three different sizes, the tree bags are made of polyethylene mesh, enhancing their durability and improving your tree's chances in the elements.

Plants in Netting Screen House

Mini Screen House

Insects and critters can devastate a crop of fruit. Serving as small shelters, you can enclose multiple plants at one time, allowing for the protection of select crops. You're able to use one at a time or use more at once and extend the coverage of your garden. These mini netted houses are durable and can provide added protection against mother nature.

Fruit catcher around large fruit tree

Fruit Catcher

Now you can easily and quickly harvest fresh fruit! This incredible fruit catcher tool is specially designed to gently protect fruit and catch apples, peaches, oranges, and olives to keep fruits healthy and clean. The fruit catcher protects the fruit until it falls and keeps it fresh while keeping shabby fruit away. In the months when winter is approaching it can also double as a leaf catcher.

Fruit tree

Tree Caps

Birds may sing a sweet song but they also have a great appetite for your garden. Protecting your tree’s branches and their fruit is crucial to the tree’s overall health. Give your trees protection and harvest beautiful fruit year after year.

If you don’t take precautions to protect your trees, they could end up either seasonally or permanently damaged from outdoor elements. Animals and weather can destroy your garden, so let Fruit Shield help you protect it year round. Learn how to protect your trees by visiting us online today!