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As growers ourselves with many farming friends, there are some things we do on personal and commercial levels that worked for us. It is time we tell you as well. After all, its about our health. It will work for you. Contact us today so we may help you have bountiful harvests.


Our products offer Frost, Hail & Wind Protection. Reduce impact of wind, rain, frost, hail & sudden storms. Protect crops from animals that affect your total harvest numbers do to (Birds, Pets, Deer, Squirrels, Rodents, Pests, etc.) Take a breath and relax, our netting, has you covered!

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About Us

Our Role is protecting Everything GREEN. Our Purpose is Protecting your Health and Saving your Money. We welcome organic home gardens and associations interested in the environment and agriculture. Keep Crops and Fruits FRESH and HEALTHY, eat ripe fruit, and stay away from chemical toxicology!