Mini Screen House




Mini Screen House
Fruit Shield designed this Mini Screen House to be effective, like a plant tent for home gardening solution & growers solution, farmers and growers used to lay the netting directly on the tree, but Fruit Shield find out a better solution witch is the tree cap to support the netting and keep it away from your trees and plants, also you can build your own Screen House by using our Tree Caps and wires by connecting 4 or more of our Tree Caps with wires, yet safe for both animals and the environment. It’s very easy to be installed, can be done by one person in few minutes. This tool is the best solution for flower growers, strawberry growers, and all types of plants. Organic grower user many methods to counter pest attacks. The best method is Netting Screen House. When protection is no longer needed, store the netting away from sunlight. This extends the life of the product, allowing you to use it for more than 10 seasons!​​ We custom make Screen House to fit your need. The Screen House add a layer of protection from peripheral factors.

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 70 × 58 × 34 cm


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