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Easily harvest luscious fresh fruit! This incredible Fruit Catcher tool is specially designed to protect gently fruit to catch apples, peaches, oranges, olives, and leaves to keep fruits healthy and clean. Fruit catcher protects the fruit until it falls and keep it fresh, our tool keeps shabby fruit away. Fruit Catcher is the best solution for orange tree and olives trees. Keep your fruit away from ground. Fruit Catcher is very affordable and very durable.

Also you can use it as tree leaves catcher, to keep your backyard or garden clean, so no need to clean the leaves every week from now on. we offer this catcher in 3 different sizes 8, 20, & 32 FT (square shape) ready to deliver, and we custom make to order, call us and tell us you dimensions.

First, place Netting (Olive Pad) under the tree or trees. Using a rake, gently dislodge the olives. Gather the olives from the netting. If you are picking for oil, harvest all the olives in this manner and gather up any strays on the ground. Olives left on the ground will rot and can foster disease and olive fruit flies. You may also use a ladder and handpick the olives, but this is more time consuming.

Also you may use it as a bag to your olives and crops.

Fruitshield offers durable long lasting UV stabilized polyethylene ground covering and prop mesh catchment netting, to assist in the harvesting of various nuts, olives, and fruits. The netting is constructed strong and durable yet the material is lightweight and very easy to work with. Fruitshield’s harvesting nets are suitable for different applications such as natural falling harvesting, hand harvesting, or mechanized harvesting. The nets are available in various sheet sizes along with custom per yard or by the roll.

Nuts, olives, and fruits that lie on the ground are very susceptible to mold infections, darkened kernels, and insect and bug invasion. With Fruitshield you will catch the harvest on a clean soft breathable surface made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is a non-toxic easy to care for long-lasting material.

The netting can be power sprayed off and is unaffected by wet or dry conditions. It is fast drying and will never rip from a puncture or corrode from being wet. This long-lasting netting system has a life expectancy of anywhere from 5 to 7 years depending on proper storage and care. Plus, it will never change color or fade from season to season.

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Fruit Catcher Size

10' x 10' Fruit Tree ($79.00), 16' x 16' Fruit Tree ($109.00), 20' x 20' Fruit Tree ($129.00), 32' x 32' Fruit Tree ($260.00), 8' x 8' Fruit Tree ($59.00)


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