Four Amazing Products You Can Find at Fruit Shield

Fruit Shield offers a variety of products to help protect your trees, fruit and garden from the elements, animals and pests. Here are some items you can find on the Fruit Shield website that will help you with this task.

Netting Screen House

Tree Bags

Tree bags help you manage your fruit production by allowing the fruit to ripen naturally on the tree, for a longer period of time than if it were left out in nature. These bags allow air circulation so no rot can occur while still protecting them from pests like birds and squirrels.

Product Fruit Catcher

Fruit Catchers

Fruit Catchers help protect your fruit from falling to the ground and rotting before you can get around to picking it. Fruitshield provides long-lasting UV-stabilized polyethylene ground covering and prop mesh catchment netting to assist in the gathering of various nuts, olives, and fruits.


Pallet Protectors

Pallet Protectors help protect your fruit from animals and insects that can jump onto the pallet and eat through it. Bugs, insects, and even the tiniest fruit flies will be unable to harm or spoil food while it is being stored or transported.They are easy to install as well as durable for maximum protection throughout storage and delivery.


Mini Screen Houses

This is perfect for keeping plants safe from pests, like deer or squirrels. The screen is made of strong mesh to protect your plants from animals and insects. It is safe for both animals and the environment. It’s very easy to install and can be done by one person in a few minutes.

Fruit Shield offers a variety of products to help you protect your trees, fruit and garden from elements, animals and pests. Take a breath and relax, our netting has you covered.

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