Fruit Shield Crop Protection Products

​  Very tightly woven material - Protect crops individually or all-in-one - Shield your beautiful vineyards - Minimize the use of pesticides with Fruit Shield

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We will help you with calculation, sizing, and planning for your special custom needs.
We can protect your harvest with the most durable custom netting on the market. Fruit Shield will protect your grapes, berries, etc. from all damaging insects and birds. This strong tightly woven mesh fabric is made of safe high quality raw polyethylene. Many other benefits of include… protecting against weather erosion (hail, UV extreme heat, and rain), allows fruit to become more ripe, keeps out the tiniest bugs and insects, using less pesticide/insecticide or non at all, can be used from one grow season to the next (with proper storage and care netting has a shelf life of 4+ years), can be used with organic and non-organic grow methods, breathable light material allows sunlight to penetrate and normal watering operations.