Tree Frame

Row Cover

Tree Cap also allows you to build your own CANOPY

Easy to install

More options to have different canopy sizes and customize base on the size of the tree you want to protect

​​Fruit Shield Mesh Netting can be ordered in a range of width and custom length 
​to protect the appropriate coverage area needed for your crop.


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​  Very tightly woven material - Protect crops individually or all-in-one - Shield your beautiful vineyards - Minimize the use of pesticides with Fruit Shield

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Tree Canopy & Tree Frame

Our Tree Frame is large in size and can provides maximum protection from animals and bad weathers without harming birds and small animals or interfering with plant growth. It can effectively prevent damage and protect fruit trees (like apple trees, orange trees, etc.), berries (strawberries, blueberries, figs, cherries), bushes, shrubs, plants, flowers and vegetables (tomatoes & cucumbers). Everybody lay the netting directly on the tree, but Fruit Shield find out a better solution witch is the Tree Cap to support the netting and keep it away from your trees and plants, also you can connect many caps together with wires to make a Tree Canopy for big trees.Your fruits are fresh now, forget shabby fruits, forget that insects, birds, squirrels, deer and other critters will eat you crops, keep your fruits tasty and good looking. The key for successful production is growth without any concerns for plant diseases and crops safety. Also Tree Cap with the netting could be used for many trees in a row as Row cover.

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Row Cover & Custom Make Screen House

  • Perfect for citrus trees and vineyards.
  • Our Tree Cap will keep the netting away from branches, and fruit away from from ground.
  • Anti-insects, frost & hail protection.
  • Reduce the impact of wind - rain & storm
  • Protect crops from animals.
  • Reduce the impact of strong sunlight (about 10%) .
  • Long lasting 4+ years.

Crop Row Netting can be deployed and set by hand or by using agricultural equipment to spread over crop rows. everybody lay the netting directly on the tree, but Fruit Shield find out a better solution witch is the tree cap to support the netting and keep it away from your trees.

We can protect your harvest with the most durable custom netting on the market. Fruit Shield will protect your grapes, berries, etc. from all damaging insects and birds. Allows fruit to become more ripe, keeps out the tiniest bugs and insects, using less pesticide/insecticide or none at all, can be used from one grow season to the next (with proper storage and care netting has a shelf life of 5+ years), can be used with organic and non-organic grow methods, breathable light material allows sunlight to penetrate and normal watering operations.

​2 IN 1

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Tree Canopy

Tree Frame