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Tree Frames Instructions

We now offer an affordable solution for spreading mesh netting over your crop rows.
This easy to use two-person system will assist in applying netting over a variety of trees and bushes. 
Depending on terrain, you may need 2 to 3 people to uniformly guide the spreader through uniformed rows. 
No need to buy or rent expensive agricultural fuel driven machinery.
The Fruit Shield Spreader™ saves you money and is clearly the ultimate economical and greener option!

It takes 40-50 minutes to be installed for big trees (>10 FT )

  1. Put the Tree Caps on top of the pipes.
  2. Drill the pipes from the small hole on the bottom of the cap and fix them together using wood screws.
  3. Tie the pipes up on the tree branches.
  4. Link tree caps together using wires.
  5. Put on the Netting and tie it.​​