​Mini Screen House

6 FT x 6 FT x 6 FT

Style # MN18

Tree Cap

​Mini Screen House

10 FT x 3 FT x 6 FT

Style # MN19

See Below What Tree Cap Can Do!

Tree Cap

Our Patent Pending Tree Cap is unique and functional tool to support the bags and keep the netting away from trees and plants. Our tool is the best solution to stay organic, and to grow safe and healthy.

Our Tree Cap also allows you to build your own canopy or screen house, it's easy to install, you will have more options to have different canopy sizes and customize base on the size of the tree you want to protect.

we could offer you along with the tree cap, you need of pipes, wires, and netting size you need to build your own screen house or the whole trees row cover.

​Mini Screen House

Fruit Shield designed this Mini Screen House to be effective, like a plant tent for home gardening solution & growers solution, farmers and growers used to lay the netting directly on the tree, but Fruit Shield find out a better solution witch is the tree cap to support the netting and keep it away from your trees and plants, also you can build your own Screen House by using our Tree Caps and wires by connecting 4 or more of our Tree Caps with wires, yet safe for both animals and the environment. It's very easy to be installed, can be done by one person in few minutes. This tool is the best solution for flower growers, strawberry growers, and all types of plants. Organic grower user many methods to counter pest attacks. The best method is Netting Screen House. When protection is no longer needed, store the netting away from sunlight. This extends the life of the product, allowing you to use it for more than 10 seasons!​​ We custom make Screen House to fit your need. The Screen House add a layer of protection from peripheral factors.


Our bags made of Polyethylene mesh we offer it in 3 different sizes.

Regular bag: 36" x 57" (with a tie string)(style # to be added)

​It's used for covering smaller plants, date fruit covers, and nuts collecting.

Square top bag: 25" x 25" - 57" height (with a tie string)(style # TC25)

Square top bag: 36" x 36" - 72" height (with a tie string)(style # TC25)

It's applicable for citrus trees, also you can use it without the cap for nuts collecting, and for covering and protecting the dates from birds and insects. The bags also help to catch any dates that ripen prior to the beginning of the date harvest. Also, the netting bags aids by holding the heavy weight of the dates bunch because the bags are connected to the thicker fronds of the palm.

We also offer you netting by the roll, (8.2 FT, 19.68 FT, & 32.6 FT) Wide.

Tree Cap

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​  ​​  Very tightly woven material - Protect crops individually or all-in-one - Shield your beautiful vineyards - Minimize the use of pesticides with Fruit Shield - tree cover is the best growers solution for crops protection


​​25" x 25" - 57"

​​36" x 36" - 72"

We also make to order