The Fruit Shield netting creates a barrier and shields your crop from many bugs and insect pests such as caterpillars, moths, diamondback moths, stink bugs, plutella xylostella, aphids, beet armyworms, fruit flies, and much more. Fruit Shield can also inhibit access from critters such as birds, bats, possums, and other rodents. All while preventing the spread of many viruses and diseases that plague and disastrously ruin crops.

  • The Fruit Shield netting is a new type of agricultural material made of high quality raw Polyethylene. It is a versatile closely woven breathable, durable, and reusable product.
  • This material has natural protective anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet properties, making the woven wire mesh not only a simple pest inhibitor but also now a heat, water, and corrosion resistant crop technology.

Fruit Shield Crop Protection Products

​  Very tightly woven material - Protect crops individually or all-in-one - Shield your beautiful vineyards - Minimize the use of pesticides with Fruit Shield

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