Fruit Shield Crop Protection Products

Advantages of using raw UV protected polyethylene materials:
Our Protection Bags will safely protect your valuable fruit. These bags will effectively shield your ripening fruit from preying birds and insects. These bags are also great for placing over entire plant (depending on size), placing over clusters of fruit, or individual piece of fruit. These bags are typically applied one time before fruits maturity, and then remove during harvest. These bags can assist in controlled pollination. Protection Bags offer exclusion in a simple organic strategy that relies on preventing access to pest, their derived viruses and disease. These bags will simply catch ripening dates and other fruit from falling onto the ground now contributed to a higher yield. 


  • (BFS54) 36" X 54" (One Side Open w/ drawstring)  Price: $2.50/each (Wholesale Price)
  • (BFS48) 36" X 48" (Two Side Open w/ drawstring)  Price: $2.25/each (Wholesale price)

Products are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). These premium bags will take care and allow your fruit to fully ripen. Protection Bags come in various sizes, some with 1-side and 2-side drawstring opening. These bags can ideally be used for dates, full coverage of small trees and bushes, blossoms/branches of produce, etc.

Note: Custom sizes are always available.

"Bags to protect your date fruits"

​  Very tightly woven material - Protect crops individually or all-in-one - Shield your beautiful vineyards - Minimize the use of pesticides with Fruit Shield

Orchard/Vineyard and Screen House mesh netting will keep bugs and birds away from your valuable crop. Our netting material will also protect against cross-pollination. This netting is typically used for citrus crops, nuts, fruit trees, vineyards, and custom green/screen house application. Great for organic gardening and production farming. Provide exceptional bug and insect protection without the need of pesticides. netting is the only available option that is 100% effective when installed and maintained properly. Whether enclosing whole fields, draping over rows, or attaching to trellis wires with clips, we have the solution that is right for your application.

In Stock Rolls

  • (RFS24) Roll Size: 24' X 164' (approx. 4,035 sq. ft.)  Price: $564.90 USD
  • (RFS32) Roll Size 32' X 164'  (approx. 5,380 sq. ft.)  Price: $807.00 USD 

Our premium Orchard/Vineyard Fruit Shield Rolled Mesh Netting is available in 24' and 32' widths X 164' feet per roll, but can be custom wound for a fee. With proper care these rolls have a life expectancy of 5-7 years. The netting is made of a high-density raw UV protected polyethylene. The mesh netting has a very soft and flexible feel. This material drapes very well and is easily handled by 2 persons and can be installed by using a specialized netting spreader system. The mesh netting permits good airflow, and shade with UV protection and will also protect your crop from damaging hail.


Polyethylene Mesh  for

"Orchard/Vineyard and Screen House"

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  • It has the longest life over any of the other materials used for agricultural netting.
  • It will not rot.
  • Very low shrinkage, no expansion, and not affected by humidity.
  • Much lighter weight than nylon or polyester.
  • Floats on water.
  • ​In polyethylene, the UV protection is injected before extrusion of the filaments and is evenly blended.
  • In comparison to nylon or polyester nets, they are UV coated after manufacturing, and this is the first thing to wear off, thus exposing the netting to deteriorating UV rays.
  • Our HDPE Fruit Shield material is the same material that is used in the food industry to make soft drink, water, sports drink, ketchup, and salad dressing bottles, and peanut butter, pickle, jelly and jam jars. Also our material is blended to be aging proof, anti-ultraviolet radiation, heat, water, and corrosion resistant high quality raw polyethylene.


Shielding your crop is the only 100% method of crop protection. Only netting can safely protect your crop from birds, bugs and insects, hail damage, and offers UV protection and shade, all while remaining environmentally and chemically safe. No need to invest in questionable pesticides. Netting also helps its growers produce higher yields, by allowing more fruit to grow unharmed and reach their optimum ripeness and high quality. By increasing your harvest/crop yield and with the shelf life of UV protected polyethylene (lasting for more than 5+ years, but with proper handling material is made to last more than 10+ years), your investment will simply pay for its self!
Why use agricultural netting?