• Gardener enthusiast used our growers solution Tree Cap and Mini Screen House to protect their strawberry garden from hungry birds and bugs.


  • The small exotic fruit tree was covered with mesh netting. Our tool keeps your plants away from netting. these covers are carried with Tree Caps, which are more stronger and flexible, also it's a choice to use the wire hoops with our netting and grower solution (Tree Cap)
What an attractive and clever DIY project!

This user made an esthetically pleasing mosquito net.

Now you can utilize our bags for your fish catching needs!

Take these bags with you when you go FISHING!

These are heavy duty bags that are great for keeping your catch.

​These bags can also be used as seafood product storage for fish, clams, mussels, and oysters.


Our Netting and Tree Cap can be used for custom plant and tree protection, as well as for crafts and other uses. Some merchants and consumer customers have bought our durable material in bulk to make special durable shopping bags, recycling bags, laundry bags, fish catch bags, netting boxes/cages for butterfly farms, storm drain clog-preventers, and have used our material to make custom enclosures for their stocked goldfish/koi ponds in the prevention of keeping birds and other prey away.

This pergola netting is not just a shade because it allows just the right amount of sunshine to come in instead of shading the view.

  • Enjoy the outdoors more often!
  • Perfect for stargazing in the evening too!
  • This product installs in minutes!
​This lightweight and durable mesh laundry bag can be used for laundry, camping or storage. 
Perfect for dorm or apartment living!
Store and carry your laundry with ease using this roomy 100% PE mesh laundry bag with a drawstring closure, or hang it on your wall.
 It is an ideal option for a large family, with an extra capacity to store laundry. 



​  Very tightly woven material - Protect crops individually or all-in-one - Shield your beautiful vineyards - Minimize the use of pesticides with Fruit Shield


Give us your design, and we'll implement it !

Tell us your idea, and we'll make it !

Far More

The Pool Cover protects your pool during the whole year and harsh winter conditions. The polyethylene material stops algae growth by preventing UV rays from entering your pool, and allows sunlight to keep water clean and healthy. This pool cover also blocks dirt and debris from getting into the water. Pool owners who use a Pool Cover and close their pool with the proper winterizing chemicals will have a clean pool in the spring. Please order by pool size and add to the length and/or width if you have steps. The cover should float comfortably on the water. The lightweight material is more durable than regular covers because all seams are heat sealed.

  • Heavy-Duty Material
  • Anti-Algi
  • Doesn't change color
  • Easy installation


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